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436.077 Time series

This menu offers you the selection on the basis of time periods. All studies were assigned to a time period. This was certainly not always an easy task. The aim was the offer of not more than 20 time periods, to which each study of the in the meanwhile several hundred studies comprising study stock should be assigned to. Only in this way we could presenting you a manageable selection menu. In pragmatic respect the best solution of this task was the classification of the most studies according to the opening decade of their investigation period. A much more precise selection can be made by using the advanced selection menu. The advanced selection menu offers you the possibility to choose the time series of the studies by using a time-filter.

ZA 8282 Bevölkerung Weigl, Andreas; Ritter, Hellmut (2002 [2007]), Bevölkerung, Gesundheitswesen und Umwelt in Wien, 1945 bis 2001 1296 Time series
(1934 - 2001)
50 Tables
ZA 8485 Staatsfinanzen Wandel, Eckhard (1993 [2011]), Die Rolle der Banken bei der Finanzierung der Aufrüstung und des Krieges 1933 bis 1945. 35 Time series
(1932 - 1945)
5 Tables
ZA 8471 Industrie Wagenführ, Rolf (1954 [2011]), Die deutsche Industrie im Kriege 1939 bis 1945. 1555 Time series
(1928 - 1945)
93 Tables
ZA 8675 Konjunktur Abelshauser, Werner (1998 [2017]), Wirtschaft des 2. Weltkrieges: Deutschland – Waffen, Nahrungsmittel und Wirtschaftswunder in den 1930er Jahren vor dem Krieg, 1933-1945 120 Time series
(1928 - 1946)
15 Tables